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Matt is an essential part of Mountain West Towing LLC since 2016. With 25 years of mechanic experience, 5 years of towing experience, ASE Certified, and completion of Wreck Master, Matt has proven he has what it takes to manage Mountain West Towing. With a love of the mental challenge towing can bring, he is always looking forward to finding the solution of retrieving the vehicles all while making sure the vehicle and the driver are safe. Cars are his passion, whether it comes to watching television shows about them, towing them, fixing them, or even collecting them. When it comes to his personal life, his pride and joy are those of his three kids and two grandchildren. You will often find him showing members pictures of his grandchildren to bring a smile to a members face.




This amazingly hard working couple, Mike and Caroline, bought their first tow truck in 1998 and started towing. In 1999 they opened their first repair shop to go along with the towing. In 2015 they expanded the tow company and opened a tow company in Bozeman, Montana.



Office Administrator

Rhiannon has worked in an office environment for over 10 years and has plenty of experience with customer service. She is always prepared to help those in need and make sure our drivers are have what they need to help.

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