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Car Oil

Safety Checks

Get in the habit of conducting periodic safety checks to make sure your vehicle is in good operating condition. This includes checking:

  1. Tires

  2. Lights

  3. Belts

  4. Hoses

  5. Fluids

  6. Windshield Wipers

Safety reminder: Move over or slow down for emergency vehicles - This is a Montana State Law. 

Smart Phone

Emergency Numbers

Program your cellphone with emergency numbers, including that of your roadside assistance provider, and keep a backup written list in your glove department. 

Roadside Assistance

Emergency Kit

Always carry a well-stocked emergency kit and familiarize yourself with the use of the flares, warning triangles, 

Image by Jamie Street

What to do when trouble strikes

  1. Pull off the road 

  2. If unable to move to the side of the road, switch on safety hazards.

  3. Note your vehicle's location.

  4. Assess the problem.

  5. Alert other drivers by making sure your vehicle is visable.

  6. If you have a cellphone, communicate your situation and call for help.

  7. Remain with the vehicle.

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